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#MWC12: Mobile World Congress & BlackBerry

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    #MWC12 Integrated Carrier Billing Gains Momentum on BlackBerry App World bit.ly/w5LiJV #fb
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    NFC enabled Like stations at Mobile World Congress #MWC12 bit.ly/zGqSgG #fb
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    Connecting cars at #MWC12 Porsche won't be the same after this bit.ly/wmWbLG #fb
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    BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 demo at Mobile World Congress #MWC12 bit.ly/xCsFy7 #fb
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    BlackBerry PlayBook en Tablets y Chrome los mejores con HTML5: Informe Compatibilidad UPM bit.ly/yF61g8
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    WoW! Awsome demo on 'air' swipe collaboration & content sharing, it's coming #MWC12 bit.ly/yLovNw
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    Porsche 911 y BlackBerry en el Mobile World Congress #MWC2012 | PoderPDA bit.ly/yp04Zv
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    BlackBerry 7, nueva version del sistema operativo para las nuevas BlackBerries bit.ly/wYG1qP
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    Presenting will never be the same again bit.ly/x5fVlH
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    #Android App in PB2.0 sells in 36 hours at App World what took 10 months in Android Mkt bit.ly/yvWGE5 #fb
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    #NFC #CarteraVirtual; En video de la teoría a la práctica de la mano de #Telefonica y #BlackBerry bit.ly/AaowlR @efernandez
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    Sharing content with a PS3 from a BlackBerry 7.1 #MWC12 bit.ly/x0g3Wg #fb
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    Interesantes resultados del estudio realizado por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid sobre HTML5 y Tabletas (video) bit.ly/z0DRO7
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    Estudio de la Universidad Politecnica sobre compatibilidad y rendimiento HTML5 en tablets bit.ly/xgm4OH via @latdejan
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    Mobile World Congress Sets New Attendance Record for 2012 | Mobile Marketing Watch bit.ly/wg29uM
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    Blackberry y su interfaz del futuro: jugando con tablets bit.ly/wqux2d #fb
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    #MWC12: sobre BlackBerry y BB10 con Xataka wp.me/pVZGr-9v