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There is more than meets the eye

We, human beings (carbon based life forms as per Star Trek's definition), believe we are in control and tend to think we know what is happening. Reality continuously proves to be very different, and overtakes fiction as well as our most accurate projections. I knew this, what I didn't fully realized till today, is the pace at which change is happening in the mobile industry. (This song from Chemical Brothers is fit for purpose, as background rhythm)

I have learnt many things today:

1. Black paintings of Goya, the artist, are an early approach of expressionism. A consequence of a tragedy. Goya lost his family.

2. In the technology environment, we have come to a point where titles or even responsibilities are becoming irrelevant, as those need to change and evolve on a continuous basis.

3. El Greco (The Greek), another famous painter, was considered a far-sighted person, because this would explain his disproportionate long human figures depicted in his paintings, however, this may perfectly not be true as there are other works of this author showing people on perfect proportions.

4. NFC is coming, smartphone digital Wallets are coming, mobile payments are coming but adoption will still take some time and giant players are taking diverging routes.

5. Las Meninas, the astonishing painting from Velazquez puts the observer, without noticing, in the place of the royal family, king Philippe IV and the Queen. The look of the painter, Velazquez, arrogantly depicting himself, marks the right place for the observer to look at the picture. Behind the main characters in the wall, there is a mirror in which shows the king Philippe and the queen.

(Why the hell Velazquez painted such a room with high ceilings and so much open (lost) space?)

6. In the smartphones wars, beyond the hardware battle we see today, there will be an increasing competition in cross-platform services, shifting value and changing revenue streams to unprecedented points in the value chain.

* I know this statement is cryptic now, sort of "consultancy useless work", I promise to be more specific at the right time and with the right examples.

A final thought, Who wins in a fight between an alligator and a bear?, it depends on the terrain, in water, alligator will be the winner, whereas in land bear has the advantage.

Sometimes, rather than attack or defend, you need to alter terrain to change the course of the fight.