Free NDA review [by AI]

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What, an AI reviewing a legal document?

A service provided by NDALynn: credits, attributions, h/t and huge thanks to Arnoud Engelfriet, author, creator and IT lawyer with 20+ years of experience in the field.


(from NDAlynn web):

Deep learning neural network artificial intelligence chatbot #legaltech. Dazzled yet? Just kidding. Yes, technically you could call me AI but in fact I'm a set of decision trees. Huge trees, though.

Basically, I recognize patterns in text. And fortunately, legal documents like NDA's are full of standard language that's easy for me to recognize. Having been trained on hundreds of NDA's, I know the difference between a neutral and a one-sided clause. Read my designer’s paper for all the technical details.

And no, I don't chat. I read your document and give you a full legal opinion. If after that you want more, I'll get you a human lawyer - for a fee. But don't worry, I'm free of charge.

For nerds: here's Arnoud's paper fleshing out how machine learning was leveraged to develop this service. Awesome work (using by the way)