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Where do Unicorns come from? - Venture Capital & Alternative Funding Strategies

A century of frenetic technological progress has changed how corporates need to innovate (The Innovators’ Dilemma). The advent of startup Unicorns fueled by private capital is shaping the next breed of multinational corporations. 

We will review the underlying dynamics, market framework and mechanisms behind Unicorns and startup financing including the latest trends and creative approaches to fund new ventures. 

Contents of this session:

  • Venture Capital industry, status
  • The Rise of Corporate Venture Capital
  • Unicorns: defnition, how they happen, how they’re funded
  • Venture Funding Cycle: SaaS examples
  • Starting Up: From Bootstrapping to IPO - formal financing
  • Public Venture Capital: Early Stage IPO - avoiding control dilution
  • Nowhere in the book: creative financing for Startups
  • What’s next: ICOs & rise of alternative private assets

About the speaker:

Ed Fernandez (YPO - Young Presidents Org) is an early stage & startup VC investor & advisor. He is mentor & advisor at Singularity University Ventures (SU Labs) & Berkeley’s SCET (Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology). He is Partner and Co-Founder of, a venture capital advisory boutique focusing on technology-based start-ups and early-stage, data-driven companies. Among other portfolio startups, Ed is an investor and board director at BigML Inc, a Machine Learning as a Service platform and OM (OptimizingMind), a neuroscience-based Deep Learning startup working on xAI (Explainable AI). He is also Board Member at Arowana International (ASX:AWN), an assets, investment fund management & operating group publicly listed.


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