A picture is worth 1K words... or more

Useful materials, decks and industry presentations useful as a reference for new venture strategies, innovation or to understand what is happening in key sectors we are actively engaged in 


Machine Learning & AI: A Venture Capital view

Why Machine Learning, why AI, why now.

Provides an strategic view of the industry and practical recommendations for Enterprise adoption.

Includes data on VC investements & M&A acquisitions, a 'follow the money' approach to understand the state of the art of this industry, helping separate noise from signal.

Focus is on Enterprise AI & Machine Learning, including the state of the industry from a platform perspective (MLaaS: Machine Learning as a Service) a.k.a off-shelf tools to implement machine learning in the enterprise.

Map of the best 100 AI startups for the Enterprise is included.

Author: Ed Fernandez. Partner.

OTT & telco: rationale behind disruption

a 'what the h*ck just happened' full view of disruption in the telco space


Technology Trends & Epochs: a high level - long term overview

The Future According to Google Search

A fun & quirky way of looking at future trends based on actual results from Google's search box

What's next after the Smartphone

8 Bn smartphones are expected to ship in the next few years, despite that the industry has gone well over the maturity phase, what's the next big thing coming?

Why Superman wears his underwear outside his pants

Technology trends & patterns

Corporate Innovation Methodology

Geoffrey Moore's innovation Horizons