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How much is your data worth

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How much is your data worth


Data is the new oil andMachine Learning and AI are the next big thing.

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Personal data is trading in worldwide markets somewhere between $0,007 and $1, Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp for $19Bn or Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft put value of data in the range of $30 - $100 per user.

Shareholders and external acquirers will consider your data an asset, effectively affecting the market capitalization & valuation of any company.

· How do we in practice operationalize Machine Learning in the Enterprise at scale?

Value of your data depends on how much you can infer from it, by making predictions using machine learning for your company, your customers & partners.

Find out how to deploy machine learning at scale in your corporation with this practical educational program

We will help you apply latest Machine Learning as a Service techniques to leverage your data, no matter how small or big it is.

We do this applying a no risk, fully owned - in house - DIY education process with no IT requirements, using a BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) approach to apply machine learning in the cloud - MLaaS.

The outcome: a practical multi-disciplinary implementation of machine learning processes in the enterprise at scale, to enable your own data value assessment

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