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GS*D professional services for companies

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GS*D professional services for companies


There are a bunch of problems and difficult tasks early stage companies need to address on a daily basis.

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Strategy is only 5%, the other 95% leading to success is execution
— VC wisdom

These problems range all the way from support to daily operations to board level representation, here is a short sample list:

  • Business development (aka help me close this deal)

  • Strategic alliances (I need to reach these big guys and secure a partnership)

  • Legal support, business affairs (will this contract I'll be signing allow me to do what I want or not?)

  • Company valuation (I need an independent view of what my business is worth for an investor negotiation)

  • Preparation of materials I (I need a super, due diligence ready, package & materials for an investor)

  • Preparation of materials II (I need a great board level presentation for next week)

  • Quick financing advice (I need to bridge a small quantity to go on with operations, what's the best way?, can you introduce me real quick to business angels, VCs or loan providers?)

  • Offshoring general business affairs (I don't have the time nor resources to deal with this, can you help me out and do this on my behalf?)

We categorize all this work under the GS*D services category

To support all these different activities we have assembled a team of professional associates in different regions who, liaising with the partners and managing directors, will get the job done

Believe it or not, as advisors and investors ourselves nearly half of the work we do for entrepreneurs, startups & early stage companies is pro-bono and falls under this category more often than not.

We don't like to price things, we don´t believe trading time for money is a viable business model or even sustainable, however, we do understand the world still works with traditional transaction methods, hence setting this GS*D pricing per hour here as a guidance.

(GSD stands for Get Sh* Done)