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Showcase Your Company in Silicon Valley

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Showcase Your Company in Silicon Valley


Sign up & apply to make your company discoverable to VCs, investors and Strategic Partners in Silicon Valley. 

From the heart of Palo Alto, your own virtual Silicon Valley outpost.

Get showcased in our pre-screened & verified companies section, increase credibility and leverage our independent AaaS - Advisors as a Service platform to access investors.


available upon qualification

Make your company Great: virtual Silicon Valley outpost

A Verified - Prescreened Profile is the perfect tool for helping entrepreneurs and early stage companies showcase their projects in the fierce VC and investor scene of Silicon Valley.

Leverage our AaaS - Advisors as a Service platform, get on demand support & advice in real time for your capital raising process.

Whether you want to drum up new customers in the Bay Area, seek investors, or find the most qualified people for your team, all easier with your own dedicated Verified Profile & online presence in our site.

          BE FOUND

          BE FOUND

Help your investors, strategic partners and potential customers find your company from a trusted and established source.



Take advantage of your dedicated presence at our site, including a private area for investors & strategic partners, and showcase your business in a trusted context increasing credibility and confidence for customers, investors & partners.



Sign up & apply (*) by clicking the subscription button below.

A simple opt in - Uber ride size monthly subscription of $38 applies only for as long as you need it, you can opt out at any time, no questions asked. And that's a promise.

(*) This service is available only to qualyfing companies. A company appraisal and evaluation is required in order to benefit from this service offering.

(**) The service includes on-demand support & advice from our team for fund raising purposes

As with other Pro-Bono services for qualifying startups, we will be donating this amount as a micro-loan (*) to entrepreneurs in dire need in emerging markets through kiva.org

(*) deducting operational costs and payment gateways fees