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Early Stage & Growth financing


Early Stage & Growth financing


The most effective (and cheapest) way to finance your company is through your customers.

But getting to them can be al long journey sometimes, in those cases access to capital is critical and we assist founders & entrepreneurs find best partners in the short term (including us, as investors in selected cases).

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You must walk not one but ten miles in somebody else’s shoes before giving away advice
— old wisdom, adapted

Advisory services: Financial, growth strategy management, valuation and exit

  • Financial planning
  • Financial models
  • Strategy design and valuation
  • Strategy execution
  • Preparing for exit.

Capital raise: Fundraising consulting, from early to later stage, and for secondary exchanges, leasing buy and lease back

Fund raising advise:

  • Process
  • Documents
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation Support
  • Fund raising in all stages
  • Partly and full IPO on secondary markets.

Our approach equity based preferred which means, we do prefer to align entirely with your company's interests (vs traditional compensation models a.k.a working for a fee/retainer).

In other words, we do prefer to work as insiders in your company either as a special advisor, board observer, board director or EIR (Executive In Residence) and not as a traditional external service provider.

In this way we can fully represent the company in front of strategic investors, VCs or other capital providers, be closer to where the action is, act from the trenches and make the whole fundraising process more efficient for the company.