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Startup Appraisal & Valuation for Capital Raise


Startup Appraisal & Valuation for Capital Raise

'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'. - Michael Jordan


We receive literally dozens of unsolicited requests per day either asking for funding or advice so we needed a process to filter out legitimate requestors and committed entrepreneurs from the rest.

We genuinely want to help. This is out of respect for your time as much as ours since we would not be able to give appropriate consideration to proposals without the necessary context.

Don't get mad at us for channeling your enquiry through this page, please go on reading below:

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Chances are you've been reaching out to every profile available out there with the word 'investor' in it, including a hit on any of our partners.

By this time, you've probably realized raising money for your startup is not as easy as Techcrunch's headlines want us to believe.

You probably have realized also Linkedin is a great tool to reach out to potential investors but it hasn't worked out as you were expecting, particularly when aiming at Silicon Valley investors.

Don't worry, it's not your fault, you simply haven't been informed or properly educated on what investors are actually looking for, where their true interests are, how they're structured, what's their investment thesis and more importanly, how their screening process works.

Just bear in mind Silicon Valley is the world's epicenter of new ideas & startups and the people you are targeting receive dozens or maybe hundreds of requests like yours PER DAY (hence your request ending up here).

No worries, we got you, we've been through it, and, leveraging our presence in Palo Alto, we have helped many others like you (specially outliers, nerds, quants & other outer space alien forms) understand the underlying rationale behind the investment funnel process of Silicon Valley's VCs & investors.

We do this because we believe everyone deserves an opportunity.

An opportunity we didn't have by the way, nobody gave it to us, so we had to 'create' it for ourselves. Now we just want to share with the world everything we learnt from Silicon Valley's trenches.


Here is the deal, in exchange for an Uber ride - donation we'll provide the following for your venture project, startup or early stage company:

  1. As investors: honest & transparent feedback on real chances to raise capital in Silicon Valley
  2. A tentative valuation range
  3. A risk profile investor ready
  4. Investor-oriented recommendations
  5. Company scoring (when available) powered by **[PreSeries]* : a comparison score against more than 300.000 startups & early stage companies

All above for the cost of an Uber ride to be donated to a charity of choice, or actually better, as a micro-loan to help entrepreneurial people in need (see Kiva.org).

If you are serious about your company sign up for it and talk to us.

And yes, we may eventually consider investing as well alongside others (only for qualifying opportunities needless to say)

So, why don't you give it a shot?

With love and true appreciation.

your team @naiss

'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'.

Michael Jordan*



We had to do it...

We receive literally dozens of requests per day asking for funding so we needed to filter out real committed entrepreneurs from 'wannatrytogetyourmoneyandpaymyselfasalary'.

We genuinely want to help so,it's just a way to see how much you are really committed to before we spend our people's time and resources on it.

Think about it: if you were to visit an investor/VC in Bay Area, the cost of riding an Uber back and forth from San Francisco Airport to Palo Alto is roughly $80.

Now, if you won't be willing to invest an Uber ride amount why should anyone, and investors/VC partners in particular, spend their precious time on a costly due diligence (appraisal) of your company when so many others are? .... Wouldn't be fair don't you think?


...an Uber ride from San Francisco to Palo Alto

P.S.S: you could go on sending invites out through Linkedin, and that's fine, just be corteous and make sure you don't cross investors' 'spam' perception line (if you ended up here chances are you already did it without knowing, by soliciting to any of our partners).